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Ufology (UFO)
2022-06-15 09:34:58

NASA to launch a hunt for UFOs

NASA начнет охоту за НЛО

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced the creation of a research team which, from the autumn onwards, will start observing phenomena in the sky that cannot clearly be identified as natural phenomena or known flying objects. Simply put, the group of scientists will engage in a close study of unidentified flying objects.

According to NASA, the main problem is that the limited number of observations of such phenomena makes it impossible to draw any specific conclusions. Therefore, to begin with, the group of scientists will simply collect data.

NASA also noted that their project to study UFOs is not part of a U.S. Department of Defense task force on the same subject.

It is planned that the work of the group will last about nine months, and will be headed by former head of the Department of Astrophysics at Princeton University, David Spergel. Once the research is completed, the results will be made public.

- In keeping with NASA's principles of openness, transparency and scientific integrity, the report will be released to all. All NASA data is available to the public - we take that commitment seriously - and we make it easily accessible for viewing or study," said NASA spokesman Daniel Evans.


Encyclopaedic reference
УФОЛОГИЯ - (англ. ufology, сокр. UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, неопознанный летающий объект) - это область знаний, занимающаяся сбором, систематизацией и анализом материалов о неопознанных летающих объектах. Важная проблема уфологии - определение степени достоверности, объективности подобных сообщений.
УФОЛОГ - специалист по уфологии.


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