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2022-05-23 09:26:29 Ufology
Pentagon spokesman says UFOs are attacking US nuclear missiles

Michio Kaku, the world's most popular researcher of the universe, "the modern Einstein", as he is called by the press, has commented on recent hearings in the US Congress on aliens. The hearing was the first in 50 years. The whole world was watching the event via a live broadcast. The broadcast was interrupted and the hearing classified after a Pentagon spokesman said UFOs were attacking US nuclear missiles. But the public managed to see several clips and learn that governments of all countries are dealing with UFOs and no one can explain them.

The reaction to this event is best described by the word "stunned". Official science has proved for so long that there are no aliens and that UFOs are hoaxes and mistakes by observers, that now we must somehow save face and speak out in earnest. Hence the sensation of a direct and frank presentation by the coryphaeus of world science, Michio Kaku.

Kaku was born in Japan but has lived all his life in the United States. He is very well known in Russia - his books fill the shelves in bookstores. While Kaku is a "hard-core" scientist, he talks about parallel universes, "God's numbers" and other things which are commonplace in "conspiracy theory" proponents.

Journalists have been attacking Kaku for days now, and here he is speaking live on an American channel. "The truth is out there", Kaku began with the slogan of the X-Files series, and in doing so has already indicated his attitude to the subject. Yes, UFOs do exist! "More questions than answers so far, but I'm encouraged. These strange craft defy the known laws of physics. What are they? Again, the truth is out there," Kaku said.

On social media, users have bombarded Kaku with a direct question: has he himself seen aliens? Kaku usually does not respond to comments, which is not surprising, since just in the hour that the post has been online, more than eight hundred questions have piled up - and there are tens of thousands in all - and there is no way to answer them all. But a miracle happened, and Kaku wrote to a user. Here is his response in full: "The great Carl Sagan (and cosmologist Martin Rees) said: 'Lack of evidence is not evidence of absence'. I have long held the view that unless someone can prove to me that extraterrestrial life does not exist, my mind is open to that possibility. Now we are finally publicly acknowledging the evidence that makes it more and more likely. I think this is worthy of our serious consideration. To answer your question, I have never encountered extraterrestrials (at least consciously!), but I think it is foolish to claim that we earthlings have the entire universe in our hands.

Author: kp-ru

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