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2022-05-11 09:54:37 Space
Moon rock from Apollo 11 turned out to be a fake

A fragment of lunar soil stored in the Dutch Rijksmuseum has turned out to be a piece of fossilised wood. The discovery was reported by BBC News.

The exhibit was handed over to the Dutch prime minister by the US ambassador to this country. The ambassador, in turn, received the stone from Apollo 11 astronauts shortly after their return from the moon in 1969. After the Prime Minister's death, the stone went to the museum. It was insured for $500,000.

Experts doubted the authenticity of the stone back in 2006. An analysis of the exhibit carried out by Amsterdam Free University finally confirmed this suspicion, reports Associated Press. The American government has not yet commented on the situation.

The incident with the stone may provoke a new wave of talks about the so-called lunar scam. Proponents of this theory believe that American astronauts have never been to the moon and that all six lunar missions have been faked. 

Author: lenta

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