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2021-12-24 13:05:47 Medicine
Scientists have developed a vaccine against old age

Japanese scientists have developed a vaccine capable of slowing down human ageing. This was reported by the journal Nature Aging. 

The drug has been created on the basis of amino acids and living protein. It is based on a peptide which can destroy old cells (zombie cells), which stop reproducing and accumulating in the human body with age.

Experts say their vaccine may help those who have problems with stiff blood vessels, diabetes and certain other conditions.

The drug has been tested on mice. During the tests, scientists found that the number of zombie cells in the rodents decreased due to reduced arterial stiffness.

Japanese researchers have found that the vaccine will help fight diabetes, obesity or age-related problems.

Previously, researchers from Kobe University in Japan reported that vitamin B2 can prevent cells from aging.

Previously, scientists had concluded that malnutrition protects the body against disease and ageing. American biologist Mitchell Lee has studied ketogenic, low-protein and unloading diets, intermittent fasting and time-limited eating. Intermittent fasting has shown promising results, she says.

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