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2021-12-21 10:28:50 Earth
Scientists warn of a hellish heatwave

Nature communications: people will give up working outside for long hours because of a warming climate.

Scientists from Duke University in the US have reported that global climate warming will noticeably affect the labour market. In the future, people will not be able to work outside for long hours, the researchers said in an article in the journal Nature communications.

The experts predicted that people will give up working outside for long hours because of the onset of the "heat from hell". If temperatures on Earth rise by more than two degrees Celsius, economic losses from reduced productivity will reach 1.6 trillion dollars a year.

Workers in tropical and subtropical regions - Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Western Pacific - will be the hardest hit by a warming climate. Many workers in these regions already find it difficult to work outdoors in warm temperatures. With each degree of warming, life outdoors will become more difficult, scientists warned.

In addition, in many countries, it will be almost impossible to carry out critical agricultural and construction work without harming workers during the summer. India, China, Pakistan and Indonesia, where most citizens work outdoors, will face big economic losses from climate change.

It was previously reported that Russia is getting warmer due to climate change. During 2020, the average temperature in the country increased by 3.2 degrees. Last year's winter was warmer than normal by five degrees.

Author: lenta

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