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2021-12-16 11:56:41 Science
Biologists discover plastic-eating universal bacteria

Biologists at Chalmers University of Technology have found bacteria that can break down plastic on land and underwater.

Biologists from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) have discovered bacteria that can decompose plastic on land and under water, Microbial Ecology writes.

According to the researchers, the bacteria are capable of evolving and are nearly versatile. They adapt to a specific type of rubbish and can recycle a wide variety of plastic variants. The scientists also noticed that the bacteria have a response to the degree of plastic pollution.

The researchers studied the behaviour and features of around 200 million different bacteria. The 300,000 or so micro-organisms were found capable of decomposing around ten kinds of plastic. The experts note that some of them will be tested in the laboratory to evaluate the mechanism and rate of decomposition of plastic.

The biologists plan to create microbial communities for the decomposition of specific types of polymers.

Scientists have previously discovered that plastic has created a new ecosystem in the ocean. It has become home to a range of organisms, from marine animals to the bacteria that eat it.

Author: lenta

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