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2021-12-15 09:28:06 Technology
In Russia, they have learned to collect energy from the footsteps of pedestrians. It can be used for street lighting

Researchers from the Ivanovo region have developed a project for flooring made of panels that could generate electricity from the footsteps of pedestrians. This energy could be used for lighting streets, shop windows, etc.

This floor covering is a panel no thicker than 75 mm. It consists of a piezoelectric generator and an electrical wiring system. When a person walks on the flooring, energy is generated and converted into electricity. It can either be stored in batteries or sent straight to street lighting.

The pavement is based on a highly porous piezoceramic material, which is made using a specially developed technology that increases its lifespan by 2.5 times. One adult's step generates around 30 watts. This is enough to power five LED lights.

Author: ferra

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