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2015-10-16 14:24:49 Earth
A huge ghost town floats over China

A giant ghost town was filmed in the sky above the Chinese town of Foshan. The outline of a modern metropolis with skyscrapers is clearly visible in the clouds. Internet users have already ruled out the possibility of video editing.

Hundreds of locals could see the fairytale city within minutes. So it is likely that this is a rare type of mirage known as the Fata Morgana.

According to a video of the unusual phenomenon posted on YouTube, the celestial city floated over Foshan on October 7. And on October 12, a similar phenomenon was spotted in the sky over Jiangxi province. There the unusual sight was delayed for half an hour, according to the website Mysterious Universe.

Vadim Zavodchenkov, a leading specialist of the FOBOS Weather Centre, spoke about the nature of such phenomena on the Russia 24 channel. "A fata morgana is a condition when an observer on the ground can see objects beyond the horizon line. This phenomenon is quite rare, but we cannot say it is unique," said the expert.

Zavodchenkov said that the atmosphere consists of different layers with different densities and temperatures. The boundaries of these environments create good conditions for light refraction. "In a calm atmosphere, an observer can actually see objects far beyond the horizon line," he said.

Author: ВГТРК

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